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Hello! I’m Fabiënne Tetteroo,

in September 2022 I started my MA in Naval History at the University of Portsmouth.
Before this, I studied Art History at Leiden University and the University of Amsterdam.
I discovered the Franklin Expedition and James Fitzjames after watching the brilliant series The Terror (2018) based on Dan Simmons’ 2007 novel of the same name. I became fascinated by the real-life expedition and crew. After reading the late William Battersby’s book James Fitzjames: The mystery man of the Franklin Expedition (2010) I became very fond of Fitzjames and wanted to find out more about him. It seemed that after Battersby nobody really picked up his Fitzjames research, so I took it upon myself to find answers to my questions.
Because information on Fitzjames is so scattered I thought: wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a website where you can find everything Fitz? Also, I felt that an exceptional man like him deserved his own website.
So here we are.