His life, illustrated

The Fitzjames Museum

Artists commissioned to illustrate scenes from the life of James Fitzjames [WORK IN PROGRESS]
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Artist credits

1845 July: Fitzjames capsizes his Inuk canoe at Whale Fish Islands, Greenland

By Jackie Reynolds
Website / @jckielantern

1845 July: Fitzjames and Graham Gore comparing sketches at Whale Fish Islands, Greenland

By Brainyraccoons
Patreon / @brainyraccoons

1845 June / July: Fitzjames and Harry D.S. Goodsir aboard HMS Erebus

By VikkiComics
Twitter / Tumblr

1845 June: Always writin’ (aboard HMS Erebus, with Ice Master James Reid)

By Mo
@stinkyarttt / @casuallystinky

1845 May: Daguerreotype

By Kristina Gehrmann

Kristina was not commissioned for this project, but kindly let me share her Fitzjames art here.

1845 May: Daguerreotype shoot, Greenhithe

By Ylva Ljungqvist 

1842: First Opium War Battle of Zhenjiang

By Alexander
@mcclintock / @alexandriad

1837: Pillow fight at Kensington Palace (with Charlewood, Andrew Staunton and disgusted Bishop)

By Susan Olmi

1836: Euphrates Expedition: Delivering the India Office Mail

By Alexander
@mcclintock / @alexandriad

1834: Pillow fight with Edward Charlewood in the middle of the night, Birkenhead

By Susan Olmi